An overview of all Pan-European Personal Pension Products (PEPP) sold in the EU

You are considering to buy a PEPP, a voluntary pensions product, complementary to state-based and occupational pensions? This page provides you with an overview of all PEPPs offered in the EU. It allows you to search for specific PEPPs, to analyse them and to compare them side-by-side.

Search: Start by entering search criteria and then click on the blue button ‘Search’. All PEPPs, which match the search criteria you have inserted, will be shown in the table below.

Analyse: Details about any PEPP of interest can be displayed by clicking on the ‘eye icon’ in the table below.

Compare: This site allows you to compare up to four different PEPPs side-by-side. To do so, just tick up to four boxes in the right column and then click on the yellow button ‘Compare (max. 4)’. Results will be shown in a separate window.

If you wish, all information about PEPPs sold in the EU can be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF (e.g. to print them). Just click on the respective button.

For more information about the PEPP please click here or check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on PEPP.